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TV-Series Review: Philip K. Dick's Electric Dreams Season 1 (2017)

added 13 dec 2019
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Philip K. Dick's Electric Dreams Season 1 (2017)

An invitation to fantasize

(this review contains spoilers)

I get the feeling that this Amazon Prime TV series was created to rival Netflix's Black Mirror. Both fall under the paranoid sci-fi genre, and both have episodes with unrelated plots. However Electric Dreams is much more varied than Black Mirror - both in setting and in mood. There are episodes with people living on remote planets, episodes with aliens, some episodes are set in the future and some feature humans with superpowers. And whereas in Black Mirror, futuristic technology was always the weapon used to deal the fatal blow (at least in the early Channel 4 seasons, anyway), in Electric Dreams the futuristic technology is generally just another part of the setting.

Many of the episodes left me wondering whether the events they depict could ever be real. Could a large factory ever contain only 4 employees? Could robots outlive the human race? Could spacecraft one day roam the galaxy giving tours, long after planet Earth has become uninhabitable? Nothing shown in the episodes seems quite impossible, but everything is beyond the horizon of what we will see in our lifetimes. The show invites the viewer to fantasize, and when combined with the surreal graphics and eerie music this makes for a very hypnotic and dreamy mood.

My favourite episodes were Autofac, The Commuter and Kill All Others. The rest of the episodes were decent too, except for Crazy Diamond, which I found a bit bleak and boring.

added 13 dec 2019
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