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As with movies and books, I watch so many tv-series that I find myself forgetting what a given tv-series was about, whether I liked it or not, and even whether I have already watched it. So I have made this page to keep track of the tv-series I watch - good and bad. Maybe you will also discover some good tv-series here too, or learn what to avoid, assuming you have similar tastes to me.

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Dead Pixels Season 1 (2019)

Gaming obssession

(this review has no spoilers)

You know how when you get obsessed with something and spend all your time doing it, then you start to see the whole world through that lens? Skateboarders do it when they look around an urban landscape and only see obstacles to be used for kickflips, grinds and slides; Marxists do it when they go to the supermarket and can only think of all the hours of exploitation that have gone into producing the shelves full of goods; and hardcore gamers do it when they spend 16 hours a day in an adult diaper, living off baked beans, shitting in a bucket ... Well according to this hillarious TV show anyway.

Meg, Nicky and Usman spend all their time playing, talking and thinking about Kingdom Scrolls - an MMORPG. It's a British show, so the comedy is pretty bleak, but I still lol'd a lot. If I was a member of the gaming subculture then I probably would have given this show a higher score.

added 2019-06-02
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