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As with tv-series and books, I watch so many movies that I find myself forgetting what a given movie was about, whether I liked it or not, and even whether I have already watched it. So I have made this page to keep track of the movies I watch - good and bad. Maybe you will also discover some good movies here too, or learn what to avoid, assuming you have similar tastes to me.

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What We Did on Our Holiday (2014)

"Dysfunctional" family goes to visit granddad

(this review contains spoilers)

"Dysfunctional" family goes to visit granddad (Billy Connoly) in Scotland for his birthday. Granddad takes the kids to the beach and dies while taking a nap. The kids decide to give him a Viking funeral by floating him out to sea on a makeshift raft, dousing it in petrol, and setting fire to it. How does modern society respond to a Viking funeral? Not well hahaha. A child welfare officer comes to assess the kids and their funeral gets page 1 in all the newspapers.

added 2019-09-20
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