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Movie Review: The Batman (2022)

added 28 apr 2022
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The Batman (2022)


(this review has no spoilers)

This was an excellent gothic-style rendition of Batman. Most of the movie is set at night in the rain, frequently to choral funeral music. Gotham City is polluted, run-down and crime-ridden - full of empty warehouses, construction sites and cops snorting coke in nightclub basements.

Robert Pattinson (who I'm not normally a fan of) plays a grim, brooding Batman - stomping around the city in his black jackboots and robust zip-up wingsuit cape. When he's fought enough crime for the night he returns to his lair - a bat-infested cavern beneath the stone skyscraper of his father's empire, now crumbling from financial neglect. This Batman's technology is minimal and efficient - a turbocharged muscle car for the Batmobile, a retro modified Ducati and various grappling hooks and anchors on strings fired from the arm of his suit.

Despite being 3 hours long this movie did not get boring - in fact I've watched it twice now and was captivated both times. This is because the movie is broken into 10 engaging quests - one for each mystery issued by the movie's villain, the Riddler.

Overall I can't fault this movie. True, Batman does unrealistically survive an impact that really should have broken every bone in his body, but hey it's a superhero movie - we all know it's not trying to be realistic, so I won't deduct any stars there. Zoe Kravitz (Catwoman) and Paul Dano (The Riddler) are very well cast. And the plot is sufficiently complicated to entertain an intelligent viewer.

added 28 apr 2022
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