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Movie Review: Taken 1 (2008)

added 18 apr 2019
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Taken 1 (2008)

I will find you... I will kill you

(this review contains spoilers)

An absolute classic and favourite of mine. Bryan Mills (Liam Neeson) has 96 hours to fly to Europe and find the men who kidnapped his daughter. This imposed time limit sets the scene for a fast paced, adrenaline pumped action movie. It's a pleasure to watch Neeson ruthlessly step from one meticulously deduced clue to the next as he zeros in on his prey.

I watched this straight after watching The Man from Nowhere just to compare the two, since the plots are quite similar. Both heros are special agents, and both must rescue a young girl from kidnappers. Both movies build up a high level of stress, yet the techniques they use are noticeably opposite. Whereas the in The Man from Nowhere the music in the fight scenes is grave and ominous, the fight scenes in Taken have very quick camera shots and the music is tense with high pitched strings over a staccato bass. In both movies, the final boss's weapon of choice is the karambit knife, which has to be more than coincidence. The Man from Nowhere came out after Taken so director Lee Jeong-beom must have been a fan of Taken director Pierre Morel's work.

added 18 apr 2019
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