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As with tv-series and books, I watch so many movies that I find myself forgetting what a given movie was about, whether I liked it or not, and even whether I have already watched it. So I have made this page to keep track of the movies I watch - good and bad. Maybe you will also discover some good movies here too, or learn what to avoid, assuming you have similar tastes to me.

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Molly's Game (2017)

Highly driven protagonist continually gets screwed over

(this review contains spoilers)

Very entertaining movie about a fiercely competitive professional skier turned high stakes poker game operator. Fairly closely based on reality too, according to Wikipedia. A bit of an Oceans 11 vibe in the first half where she is living the high life. Ultimately she gets screwed by civil asset forfeiture, and laws against taking a percentage of the pot. Tips are legal but a percentage is not? Good to know I guess. She decides not to plea bargain with the FBI (wise) and avoids jail (lucky). Though the state still takes a large chunk of her money. Her getting screwed over by various powerful people - her father, her first boss, her clients, the NY mob, the FBI - is a big theme, and it's frustrating to watch. Cinematically excellent though and excellent acting too.

added 2019-04-02
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