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Movie Review: Minority Report (2002)

added 13 feb 2019
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Minority Report (2002)

Exquisite philosophical sci-fi

(this review contains spoilers)

Set in 2054. The side effect of a now-banned drug is that addicts have given birth to children who dream of real future events - specifically future crimes. Police use these dreams to stop crimes before they even occur, and as a result, violent crime has become virtually non-existent. I'm writing this review from memroy after having seen this movie many times over the years. The scene that stands out the most in my memory is the large glass computer screen that Tom Cruise uses to analyse the dreams and hunt for clues to solve the crimes. He looks like the conductor of an orchestra as he smoothly swipes around capturing still images from the video, moving them to the edge for inspection, twisting imaginary knobs to speed up or slow down the video speed, etc.

Determinism vs free will is a major theme. The movie sides with the determinist viewpoint and does so very elegantly. When a dream appears foretelling of the protagonist committing a murder, he vows not to do it, but a series of random events lead him to his unavoidable fate.

added 13 feb 2019
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