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As with tv-series and books, I watch so many movies that I find myself forgetting what a given movie was about, whether I liked it or not, and even whether I have already watched it. So I have made this page to keep track of the movies I watch - good and bad. Maybe you will also discover some good movies here too, or learn what to avoid, assuming you have similar tastes to me.

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Limitless (2011)

Creative, lighthearted, and motivational

(this review contains spoilers)

I find this movie very inspirational. The premise of a pill that makes you super smart is cool, but it's the creative uses that Bradley Cooper's character (Eddie) puts his newfound intelligence to that are so inspiring. I guess I just enjoy seeing people who are driven and creative succeeding in life. Plus he has a lot of fun doing so, which keeps it lighthearted.

It was also a nice touch how Eddie is able to remember minute details from his past and use them to piece together current events. The script writers did a great job thinking of how super intelligence might actually play out.

added 2019-05-03
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