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Movie Review: Hello, Love, Goodbye (2019)

added 22 aug 2019
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Hello, Love, Goodbye (2019)

Romance on the go

(this review contains spoilers)

I saw this Filipino romcom/drama in a cinema full of Filipino women, which I definitely recommend if you want the most immersive experience. There was loud sobbing coming from somewhere near the front row during the sad scenes and screams of laughter in the flirty/funny scenes - I think they enjoyed it as much as a rollercoaster.

The story is about Joy Fabregas as she works in Hong Kong while waiting for her Canadian visa. It is an experience familiar to many Filipinas - emigrating to a western country where they can use their nursing degree to send money back home. Visas are very expensive - especially on a HK or Filipino salary - so Joy has to work two jobs, which is illegal on her HK visa. With the long hours she barely has time to eat, let alone for romance. Add to that the stress of running from the deportation police, and her mother's domestic abuse and you might think this would be a pretty heavy movie. But that is not the case - overall it remains light hearted and positive. Joy even manages to squeeze in the time to fall in love.

This is a nice movie to watch both for fun and to get an idea of the precarious existence of many Flipinas as they emigrate to the west. I'm only deducting a star because the romantic music-video style scenes towards the end were too corny for me.

added 22 aug 2019
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