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Movie Review: Green Book (2019)

added 2 apr 2019
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Green Book (2019)

Eye opening

(this review contains spoilers)

Don Shirly, a virtuoso pianist (previously known to me as Remy from House of Cards) tours the deep south during the Jim Crow era with Tony Lip, a hard-bitten Italian bouncer turned valet (Aragorn from Lord of the Rings). The main theme is racism and we see dozens of examples ranging from police enforcing curfew laws to a concert hall proprietor who refuses to let the star of the performance eat in his white-only restaurant. These scenes obviously make for a movie which is very uncomfortable in parts, however this is contrasted with Tony's gradual shedding of his racism as they progress on the road. I found it quite a thought provoking movie - shining light on an era with which I am only vaguely familiar.

added 2 apr 2019
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