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Movie Review: Gifted (2017)

added 20 nov 2019
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Gifted (2017)

Mathematical genius vs scheming Grandma

(this review contains spoilers)

Movie about a young girl, Mary, who is a mathematical genius, a bit like Roald Dahl's Matilda. Though unlike Matilda, this movie is emotionally complex, and not a comedy.

Mary's uncle (her guardian) does not push her academically because he is afraid she will end up like her mother, who was also a mathematical genius, but committed suicide. He puts her in a state school so that she can have a normal life with normal friends who are her age. However, pushy manipulative Grandma wants her to solve a Millennium Problem.

Trust and relationships between parents and kids was a main theme.

Does someone with a lot of intelligence have a duty to use it for society even if it puts their life in danger?

It is not entirely clear why the mother committed suicide. She did solve one of the Millenium Problems - the Navier-Stokes equation - so maybe she felt she had accomplished everything she possibly could - like when you finish a TV show that you had been obsessed with and your life feels empty afterwards. Or maybe she committed suicide to spite her mother. This seems more likely because she left instructions for her solution to the Navier-Stokes equation to be published after her mother's death.

Nice to see a movie that doesn't fit a simple formula, and that leaves a few puzzles for the viewer to interpret.

1 star deducted for the movie not being more lighthearted and fun (like Matilda).

added 20 nov 2019
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