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Movie Review: Gemini Man (2019)

added 26 feb 2020
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Gemini Man (2019)

Intense superhuman chase scenes

(this review has no spoilers)

I watched this one in the middle of a 13hr flight and I was pretty impressed. Other reviewers have said that the frame rate and digital effects made this movie unbearable on the big screen, but on the little screen attached to the seat in front of me I didn't notice any of that.

It's an action flick (just barely a sci-fi), so don't expect deep dialogue or groundbreaking futurism. But the superhuman chase scenes were intense and the occasional wide camera shots made them all the more stunning. What would it look like if someone could jump onto a roof? Or use a dirtbike during a fight to roundhouse their opponent in the face? Pretty much like it does in this movie I imagine - pretty spectacular!

I won't say that this movie is one of my favourites. The action was impressive but very similar things have been done already in many other movies. It's a bit like running the 4 minute mile - the first person to do it became world famous, the second not so much and by the time the 10th person did it then they barely made a headline. But still, running a 4 minute mile is no easy feat - I'd still applaud it - and likewise this movie earns 5 stars from me.

added 26 feb 2020
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